GTA – Trovinasse to Rifugio Chiaromonte

Day 19: 28 July 2019

Much of the walk down was on old mule trails. So much work to build, and now mostly used by hikers.

Closer to the valley bottom are terrassed vinyards. The feet of the vines are planted back against the wall, trained up 2 m and spread on trellaces to get maximum sun.

In the valley all the private gardens were rich with fruit and vegetables.

Quincinetto is tiny with only one bar open. Gelato and coffee were welcome.

Then began the steep climb to La Capanne. The track emerged at a hair-pin bend. Cars coming, I stuck my thumb out and got a ride all the way up.

Sunday, there was a big fiesta, organised the last Sunday of every July.

Happy to have been given a ride, still I wanted to hike more. So I started the next stage.

I arrived later than I expected at a closed refuge, so decided to camp there.


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