GTA – Decisions, decisions

Day 17: 26 July 2019

“Celui qui regarde trop la méteo, reste au bistrot.”, is a French saying among sailors that roughly translates as: if you watch the weather forecast closely you will not get out and play.

Those of you who have sailed with me might remember some exhilarating moments.

For two days the talk amongst hikers has been about the forecast violent storms for Saturday and Sunday. Where to stay?

Some decided to stay at Oropa. Arriving there, I decided to keep on for the next stage; there were a few options to stop on the way.

The gondola up to the start of the hike disappeared into clouds. Did this make sense?

As I walked the air switched between cold cloud and warm sun.

I arrived at Rifugio Coda at about 15:00. Staying was possible, but if it meant spending two nights, it would have been long. It was already lost in clouds.

The next stretch was really tough: climbing along the crest and an ever receding hilltop. To the left a cold wind blew clouds upwards, to the right it was warm and dry.

“Bushwhacked” is a great Australian word which conveys somewhat more than being lost.

Off the crest I was bushwhacked. I wasted an hour looking for the trail. Now I was going to arrive late without knowing if there was a bed and whether I could get food.

The agriturismo welcomed me and prepared food even though I arrived at about 21:00. It has been one of the best meals I have had so far.


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