GTA – Gondo to Bivacco Marigonda

Day 7, 16 July 2019

My stay at the Hospice was pleasant and restful, but I was already restless to be back on the trail.

The postal bus took me to Gondo. There another bus was waiting to go to Zwischbergen. So I took that and saved myself 2.5 hours that I anticipated being dull.

From Zwischbergen the hiking was through forest, not yet alpine terrain. Once I reached Tschawiner See it was more alpine.

If John skinny-dips in an alpine lake and he does not take a selfie, did he make a splash?

It was cold; I must be out of practise.

At Rifugio Gattascosa a simple lunch of cheese and cold meats was good.

Yet it was too early to stop, though the next stage is “easy” and 5 hours. So I decided to keep on; there are other places to stop.

Philippe had mentioned a great bivouac. When I reached it I could not believe my eyes. It has all comforts, including a fire stove.

I made a fire which took the edge off the chill. Lucas and I chatted to the small hours, meaning 10 pm.

The moon tonight is full, beautiful and low over the alps.


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