GTA – Rifugio Margaroli to Alpe Devero

Day 3

The refuge Margaroli, where I stayed, was very friendly. The food was good and I met a few people hiking the same route.

The path starts along a lake where many spring flowers are in bloom. I never tire of their beauty.

Maybe the long flat stretch allowed me to warm up, but the climb was easier, and I felt I hit my stride.

At the “Scatta Minoia” pass I met a group sheltering in a big hut, “Bivacco Ettore”. I have not seen many shelters at the top of a pass. Painted bright red and white it must be easy to see in fog.

We all started the long descent together but quickly spread. Snow still covers a lot of the pass.

The trail goes the length of lake Devero before reaching Crampionlo. The village has been renovated, renewing the stone_roofed buildings.

Alpe Devero is the end of today’s walk. It is larger and more spread out, with many beautiful stone buildings.


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