Berliner Höhenweg day two: Gamshütte to Friesenberghaus

This was to be a long nine hours hike, and the forecast was for storms in the afternoon.  Based on my first-day pace, I anticipated hiking ten hours.  Everyone left early.

All morning I walked through cloud and did not take my camera out.  The storms arrived and the rain and wind were cold.  During a break in the rain I put on my warmest clothes.

I use a stop-watch to keep track of time.  At seven hours hiking, expecting ten hours total, with the weather turning cold, wet and windy, I started looking for possible spots to shelter.  However there are few flat spots and it is all boulders and rocks.  Putting up a tent was not possible.

What a relief to see a sign indicating the hut was 30 minutes ahead.  I walked it in 8 1/4 hours.

I was put in one of the “winter” shelters.  These are left unlocked all winter for hikers and skiers.  There I met a young man from Colorado who is studying biology and thinking of becoming a vet.  Two days earlier I had been chatting with a young man from Ohio who is studying biology and thinking of becoming a vet.  The contrast between the two men was stark.



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