The Berliner Höhenweg, day one: Finkenberg to Gamshütte

On the train connecting the two paths, I chatted with a woman who spoke to me of the importance of ketones, the benefits of coconut oil and several other aspects of diet.  She was trim, healthy and 80.  I was surprised as I have been discovering these things over the past year; she is years ahead of me.  I was pleased to able to have such a conversation in German.

Leaving Finkenberg, you pass an old wooden bridge.  I also saw an old racing car someone had hauled from the Netherlands

The first day is an easy, though steep, three hours up to the Gämshütte.  I had been been keeping good time on the Adlerweg, but decided to go somewhat slower pace.  On the way about a dozen people all passed me in a hurry to get there.

The atmosphere was friendly and welcoming, more what I had been looking for.  The showers were outside with a stunning view and cold water.  (thanks Saval for introducing me to Wim)

I was glad to be above the tree-line.




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