Berliner Höhenweg day six: Griezer Hütte to Kasseler Hütte

This was a reasonable pass, followed by a hike around the edge of the next valley, at about 2,000m.  The path was okay, though steep and narrow in parts, so you needed to pay attention because of the rain. 

Again, my camera was in my bag to stay dry.

Again, this hut was built by the Griezer section of the German Alpine Club.

That evening the person responsible for the hut told us that the weather forecast for the next day was bad; that the usual nine-hours hike would probably take eleven hours; that the path would be slippery and dangerous; and that nobody should hike it alone. 

The next morning, we all decided to go down to the valley.

Along the way I have made some new friends, who all showed patience with my poor German.



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